Quantity Guidelines

Use these guidelines if you are unsure about how much catering to order.
(Based on a typical 50 – 50 mix of men and women).

Meeting Type Menu Recommended Qty Per Person
Breakfast Large pastries and savouries 2-3 large items + fruit
Cocktail/mini pastries and savouries 3-4 mini/cocktail items + fruit
Teas Cocktail/mini pastries and cakes 2-3 mini/cocktail pastries and sweet items
Large pastries and cakes 1 ½ large pastry and sweet items
Platters 1 serve of any platter
Lunches Sandwiches and rolls 1 ½ sandwiches/rolls
Sandwiches and finger foods 1 sandwich and 3-4 pieces of finger food
Sandwiches and fruit 1 ½ sandwiches and ½ serve of fruit
Sandwiches and salad 1 sandwich and small salad cup
Sandwiches and a platter 1 sandwich and 1 serve of a platter
Finger Food 1 hour cocktail event 6 pieces of finger food
2 hour cocktail event 9 pieces of finger food
Pizza Pizza 3 slices for ladies and 4 slices for men
Beverages 1.25 litre bottles Serves 4-6 people (based on 250ml cup sizes)
2 litre bottles Serves 10 people (based on 250ml cup sizes)

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