Catering ideas for Summer your team will love

Ahhh… the weather is warm, the days are filled with sunshine and it’s time more than ever to indulge in some delicious summer catering treats. From fresh seafood, barbecue catering or even grazing tables at after work drinks, our summer catering ideas will satisfy all tastes!

We’ve put together some of our favourite and exciting summer catering menu ideas, as well as exactly where you can order them for your own team.  

Summer breakfast ideas

These catering ideas are sure to start your summer days off on the right foot. From traditional breakfast ideas, to some more creative options, these catering breakfast foods will make everyone happy.

Fresh fruit

The beautiful thing about summer means there is plenty of fresh fruit ripe for the picking. If you’re feeling extra generous this summer season, why not order some extra fresh fruit for your office? With delicious seasonal favourites available for your office fruit box deliveries, this is the perfect summer addition for any workplace. Plus, that means employees can enjoy fruit with their breakfast (or any point throughout their day). Don’t forget your coffee solution too!


Everyone would be happy to start their day with bagels! With plenty of filling options to not only satisfy every taste, but also all dietary requirements. From vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free, bagels are a satisfying breakfast idea for all.

Where to order:


Ok, serious question: who doesn’t love waffles? Topped with maple syrup, Nutella, fresh whipped cream or summer fruits, there’s a flavour combination for everyone! (Who says you can’t have ice cream on waffles for breakfast?)

Where to order:

  • Wafflo can deliver the waffle catering goods to Sydney
  • If you’re in Melbourne try out the Nutella waffles from Brisk Catering

waffle spread corporate catering

English muffins

Warm and satisfying, sometimes breakfast sandwhiches are all anyone needs to start their day positively. From the classic bacon, egg and cheese, to a healthier smoked salmon and cream cheese, English muffins are a total breakfast win. Get them delivered hot and fresh for a tasty summer catering breakfast classic.

Where to order:

Bircher Muesli or chia pots

If you’re looking for a fresh, healthy and light breakfast catering idea, a yoghurt and muesli pot is the way to go. Mix it up with a fresh fruit chia pot with coconut yoghurt, whilst also catering for the vegans, dairy-free folks or those wanting to start a health kick over summer.

Where to order:

  • Enjoy beautifully presented yoghurt cups from Rockwall Catering in Sydney
  • If you’re in Melbourne the chai cups from Earl Catering a real catering treat
  • Adelaide caterer Love Jamu have the right idea when it comes to chia pots
  • For Brisbane, enjoy some fresh chia puddings and yoghurt from Entice Me Catering
  • Creative Catering in Perth has them covered, and looking fabulous!

Light and fresh lunch ideas

Our Summer catering ideas don’t stop at breakfast. Check out our light, fresh and delicious office catering lunch ideas!

Rice paper rolls

These are the perfect addition to any summer working lunch menu. With fillings like chicken, pork, prawns, tofu and more, these are sure to satisfy all taste buds and special diets alike. Fresh and flavourful, rice paper rolls are always a great lunch finger food. Plus , if you lay these out for a boardroom meeting instead of sandwiches, you're definitely going to win some brownie points.

Where to order:

working lunch catering rice paper rolls


Nachos are the perfect dish to enjoy when you’re craving Mexican food, but don’t want to dig into an entire burrito. A light and crispy dish topped with fresh guacamole, salsa and melted cheese is the perfect lunchtime meal to dig into. Get some for your next after work drinks or training day!

Where to order:

  • If you’re in Sydney, enjoy this DIY taco bar with nachos from Pablo’s Kitchen for your summertime working lunch.
  • Check out the authentic Mexican flavours from Cuate Mexican in Melbourne.
  • Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and  Sydney can enjoy a grab and go individual lunch box of delicious crispy nachos for working lunch.
  • If you really want to spice up your next work function or corporate event, why not try out Pequena Cocina’s food truck, serving up authentic Latin American street food in Brisbane.

Gourmet platters and grazing tables

When you picture summertime menus, a grazing table or gourmet platter surely comes to mind… They are the ideal summer catering idea. Whether they are enjoyed with a cold beer or glass of wine alongside staff drinks, or during a meeting in the boardroom, they are satisfying for all tastes and special diets. Plus, who doesn't love this variety board of goodies whenever it's put in front of them?

Where to order:

  • Try out Platter Wonderland in Sydney for a classic grazing table that looks as good as it tastes. Or Munoushee Catering for a Lebanese spin on grazing tables.
  • If you love a good cheese platter like we do, check out Say Cheese in Brisbane. The also have dessert and classic grazing table options.
  • Adelaide doesn’t have a shortage of tasty gourmet platters with South Terrace Catering and Caterers of Adelaide on the scene.
  • Grazing Girls Perth have an excellent variety of platters and grazing tables. If you’re after something a little more unique, check out the picnic boxes and grazing tables from Urban Soul Foods.
  • Topgun Catering in Perth is great for providing gourmet platters, for an affordable price.

cheese platter for friday night drinks

Summer salad

Sometimes in summer all you are craving is a light, healthy meal. Delicious and tender grilled chicken and rolls with a side of summer salad is a great light lunch option. Not a chicken fan? No worries! Try out falafel, noodle salads or a quinoa veggie packed salad bowl.

Where to order:

  • If you’re craving a mix of fresh salad, Pasta Pantry has you covered in Sydney. Or try out the summer BBQ package from Wow! Catering for those true #summervibes.
  • The Wandering Italian in Brisbane has a chicken, rice and salad lunch that is light, healthy and full of flavour!
  • For a crisp fresh salad, flavourful smoothies and healthy menu options check out Crisp Catering in Melbourne.
  • If you’re in Adelaide, Soonta makes salads flavoursome and fun! With a slight Asian catering inspiration, you’ll never be bored with these salad menu options.

Fresh seafood

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a variety fresh seafood on a warm summer day. Enjoy prawns, oysters, sashimi and more! If you really want to add some class to your next corporate function, why not have a waiter shucking oysters on the spot? This is one creative catering menu that is sure to impress for all your events!

Where to order:

  • Elite Seafoods in Sydney has everything from fresh sashimi, to seafood essentials. Prawns, lobsters, oysters and more.
  • Platter Planners in Brisbane has a seafood platter packed full of favourites.
  • If you have a seafood craving in Adelaide check out Sushi Planet. From sushi rolls, fresh sashimi and individual lunch boxes.
  • Perthites can enjoy delicious seafood and Japanese cuisine from Yuuma Japanese Catering.

fresh seafood sushi catering

Poke bowl

I'm going to assume you know what a poke bowl is at this point. The delicious bowl, complete with greens, grains and protein, all mixed together with a flavour hit of a marinade, have been all the rage. Spice up your corporate events menu and add these to the mix.

Where to order:

  • Nama Poke in Sydney have traditional poke bowls, alongside their vegetarian counter-parts
  • If you're in Melbourne Nosh Poke Bowls have poke bowl catering down to an art. Plus they can be made vegan and gluten free friendly
  • Brisbane-siders can dig into Cheeky Poke Bar's traditional and creative bowls. Did someone say poke tacos?!

Summer treats

Raw treats

Whether you’re thinking about keeping things healthy for Summer, or you don’t have quite as much of a sweet tooth, raw slices and vegan treats can be the perfect way to satisfy any sugar cravings. Perfect to serve at your events, as a dessert with staff meals or just to mix things up in the office for morning tea, these treats are sure to satisfy.

Where to order:

  • Charlie & Franks or Food Geek in Sydney have a delicious variety of wholesome snacks.
  • Home Catering in Melbourne has all the vegan and wholesome goods your heart desires!
  • Completely gluten free with plenty of dairy free options to boot, Nodo in Brisbane has wholesome snacks covered.
  • Love Jamu in Adelaide have healthy and wholesome sweets that are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free, plus they are vegan! Yummo!

Summer sessions

Having a summer shindig in the office? We have just the thing!

Pop this Summer sessions playlist on for good vibes and good times.

Order-In is summer lovin'

Satisfy all your summer cravings with Order-In. From delicious and fresh working lunch options, morning or afternoon tea, breakfast or something to treat your team, we have it all! Even if you want to organise a reoccurring staff lunch that will take your team to the colder seasons, check out our awesome corporate catering service. We have the best catering menu options for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. Need some impressive event catering? Look no further than Order-In.

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