Interview: Spotify's Office Manager on Keeping Connected During COVID-19

Brigette Brown is the Office Manager from Spotify's Sydney office, and she says work for an Office Manager doesn't stop, even when nobody is in the office. 

"When we started working from home, everybody was like 'oh being the office manager, how is working from home for you?' and I was like, I am so busy!...I guess the change since working from home is working out how to manage an office remotely... and really ramping up that social aspect to create more of a virtual community."

Keeping the virtual communitiy alive while in this remote workspace can be a difficult task, especially when there's so much going on in the world with Coronavirus. 

But Brigette shared some of the exciting and positive initiatives Spotify are working on.

"We're really fortunate at Spotify that there's a huge focus on mental health and wellbeing- even more so now. We have virtual fitness classes available everyday, mediation classes three times a week, we've had a Spotify talent show and some great global initiatives making sure there's Spotify kids activities for parents."

A piece of advice Brigette would share with another Office Manager right now would be: "Take the pressure of participating and the need for participation for these social events to feel like a success. Because they are a success just by being there for the staff."

Watch the full interview here to see all Brigette's tips and tricks:

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