5 kitchen supplies every office needs

The office kitchen can be a hub of social activity, and the facilitator of a vibrant corporate culture, if you give your staff a reason to use the space. From cutlery and glassware to fresh office fruit and milk, if your office kitchen is lacking these essentials, then your company may be missing out on a number of benefits that accompany supplying the demand.

Read our blog to learn which essential office kitchen supplies can turn the kitchen into a space that employees will take joy in using.

1. Coffee machine

An office coffee machine may seem like an unnecessary investment, but the benefits to company culture and employee morale far outweigh the initial monetary cost.

Coffee drinking is a corporate ritual. On a Monday morning when the office is still sleepy from the early rise, a shot of caffeine makes a world of difference to kick starting the day. By providing a coffee machine, the beans and other coffee supplies to go along with it, you’re encouraging employees to undertake this ritual at the office, together.

Coffee facilitates bonding, which builds team rapport, and leads to happier, healthier workers. This translates into greater productivity and drives the success of your business.

Fresh coffee solutions in the office


2. Cutlery, crockery and glasses

The office kitchen has potential to become the nerve centre of social activity at work, but only if you as a manager provide the necessary tools to make that happen.

Staples, like cutlery, crockery and glasses, when readily available, will encourage your team to share their lunch at the communal table or in the lounge. Imagine a smiling team, enjoying their lunch around the kitchen table, or an employee deep in personal reflection drinking a hot cup of chocolate by the window. The next big idea for your business could well be born in your office kitchen as employees bond over a coffee or two!

3. Fresh corporate flowers

It’s never been easier to brighten the office kitchen with some beautiful fresh corporate flowers. Flowers will give your office a fragrant and welcoming flair, while putting a strong first impression in front of visitors.

Flowers need not be limited to the kitchen area. In fact you can decorate pods by flower type or colour, and place a posy in the reception. Incorporating flowers that match your brand colours makes for a great first impression! If you want to get creative, you can even arrange your flowers by meaning in different areas of the office to promote particular feelings or emotions. Check out our blog for tips to keep your corporate flowers looking great all week.

Fresh corporate flowers for the office


4. Fruit and condiments

Providing a bowl full to the brim with seasonal office fruit is a must in any office. Fruit is a natural source of energy, and discourages snacking on unhealthier alternatives. It also provides a handy snack for employees, which means they don’t always have to leave the office to grab a quick fix.

Condiments are another important supply you want to have on hand in your office pantry. Don’t forget the basic pantry supplies like tomato sauce, honey, salt and pepper. Depending on the taste buds in your office, you could store any number of spices and toppings as provisions. Cinnamon, chilli, lemon juice and mustard are other favourites that office workers love to toss onto their corporate catering.

5. Office milk

Even more important than condiments is the regular flow of office milk. The average employee will enjoy a bowl of cereal or coffee in the office several times a week, given that they are provided with the necessary supplies.

If an employee can enjoy their breakfast at work, and benefit from an earlier, but quicker commute, you’ll often find that some will take this opportunity to beat peak hour traffic.

office kitchen supplies

Stock up your office kitchen!

Stocking up on the basic kitchen supplies in your office is about more than culture-building, it’s also polite. It shows that you, as a manager, care about the wellbeing of your staff, and care enough to go the extra mile. A strong care factor is how you retain staff and keep building productive relationships with employees, so that they achieve the best results for you.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your office kitchen is regularly stocked with goods for the pantry, fruit bowl and fridge is to order them from a trusted corporate caterer.

If you’d like to take the next step towards happier staff, contact the friendly office catering team at Order-In for advice on what you need in the kitchen.

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