Unique cupcake flavours

Cupcakes can be eaten anywhere, from the picnic blanket in your favourite park, to the boardroom table at a corporate meeting. Portability is, however, only one of the reasons for their immense popularity. In terms of flavour, cupcakes can be customised to suit any taste or occasion, and the results of this flexibility has produced some weird and wonderfully unique creations.

The origin of the cupcake

They’ve been a well-loved treat since the 19th century, particularly in the United States. An American woman, by the name of Eliza Leslie, authored a cookbook in 1828 featuring a recipe for a light cake baked in a small pottery vessel. This was one of the earliest known cupcake recipes on record.

Since the “Mother of the Cupcake” put pen to paper, the dessert has been propelled into the limelight as a cultural phenomenon.

A world of flavour

There is a diverse array of flavours available, ranging from chocolate, to watermelon, to chicken and waffle. A survey conducted by ‘Ask Your Target Market’ found that 60% of respondents enjoyed eating chocolate cupcakes and 39% named vanilla as their favourite serve. There were, however, 4% who preferred non-traditional flavours, some of which are featured in our infographic below!

5 Unique cupcake flavours

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The cupcake craze

The diversity of cupcake flavours is owed to popular demand and the creativity of bakers in the industry, but what is actually driving the cupcake flavour craze? Business Insider identified the year 2000 as the tipping point, when an episode of Sex and the City featured cupcakes from the New York bakery Magnolia.

Cupcakes now account for $20 million in Magnolia’s annual sales and Manhattan is dotted with cupcakeries cashing in on the success.

unique cupcakes for the office

Try a cupcake!

There is a whole world of cupcake flavours out there to be tried, so take a leap! Get your cupcakes delivered for business functions, staff birthdays, for a casual work lunch or simply to say thank you and share the experience with your colleagues!

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