Top 5 reasons to order from a corporate catering platform

There was once a time when the ubiquitous tea lady was the only person responsible for ensuring a steady supply of beverages and sandwiches in the office. Times have since changed (for the better!). There’s now a bevy of innovative office caterers who will rustle up food and drinks to breathe life into a dull corporate event or a long-drawn meeting.

The options for catered office food are virtually endless! Very exciting, right?

Well, not when ordering catering for a working lunch is just one of the many tasks you have to take care off. With a slew of corporate caterers on the market, how do you make your way through the crowd and select one that offers the best quality and cost?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the vetting and choosing so all you’d have to do is pick from the finest caterers? Breathe easy, because that’s where a centralised corporate catering portal steps in to make your busy day easy. Read on to know how a catering portal is smarter and better than ordering directly from a caterer.

Why catering portals are becoming popular

Do you remember planning a vacation a few years ago? Before online travel marketplaces like Expedia and Viator burst onto the scene, you had to book tickets through a travel agent and plan your itinerary with a guidebook.

But not anymore!

Platforms such as Expedia and have allowed travelers to consolidate everything from planning to booking, and everything in between, into one convenient platform. It’s easy to see why in large markets such as the United States, these travel portals have beaten even traditional hotel chains.

Today, busy office staff searching for corporate catering use online catering platforms, such as Order-In, for the same reasons that Expedia is popular with travellers or with house hunters.

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Top 5 benefits of choosing a corporate catering platform

Let’s not deny it. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have some of the best corporate caterers who work hard to develop catered menus that everyone can enjoy. You can simply browse through the menus, order in a few clicks, and your food will be on its way. Prompt and convenient!

However, sometimes you need a wider menu to choose from or more variety. If you’re time-stressed, you may want the convenience of a single consolidated invoice, which an individual caterer might not be able to provide.

On that note, here are five reasons why it is smarter to choose catering platforms for your next business catering requirement:

  • The best caterers, handpicked for you: Catering platforms act as a gatekeeper, ensuring that only the best caterers providing quality food and service are included. They also feature reviews from other customers so you can make better decisions. No nasty surprises!
  • No more menu fatigue: When it comes to ordering food, variety is everything! A catering portal creates a diverse hub of office caterers who provide a variety of options to suit every taste. From your standard options like gourmet sandwiches, sausage rolls and pies to unique flavours like Mexican street food, South American tapas, organic and indigenous Australian specialties, the sky’s the limit! As portals regularly source updated menus from the corporate caterers, you can hope to find the latest food trends as well as seasonal favourites all in a single place.
  • Search fast, save time: Planning food for an all-day meeting or training session requires massive coordination. You have to first do research, find the best caterers for each meal, speak to them, draw up a shortlist, seal the deal, and then follow-up until the food reaches you on the day... Phew! A catering portal, on the other hand, makes this process convenient and efficient by connecting you with hand-picked corporate caterers. Who doesn’t like less admin to wade through? Plus, imagine all that time you’ll save using a single portal.
  • Spend less, save more: The monetary benefits of choosing a portal are many. There’s not only discounts to enjoy but also seasonal offers to stretch your organisation’s catering budget further. If you have offices across Australia, a portal can help you manage everyday kitchen supplies, corporate catering, and special event catering all from a single screen. That’s as easy as it gets!
  • Safe and streamlined payments: In addition to making secure payments and managing your budget, catering platforms give you detailed reports to give you visibility over how much is being spent. A leading portal also offers service-level guarantees, streamlined billing and payment, and consolidated invoicing so you can save time and processing costs. Go ahead and impress your boss!

When you order via a platform, you can also expect help from a dedicated customer support team at all stages of the ordering process. 

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Catering portals benefit individual caterers too

As more consumers flock to centralised catering platforms, individual caterers are doing the same so they can drive sales.

Catering platforms allow cafes and restaurants to register with the service as a trusted caterer. They can then focus on their core function of catering while a portal takes care of many other aspects such as:

  • Growing sales: Engaging in networking and outreach is often a costly and time-consuming exercise for individual caterers. Portals help caterers gain access to a wider market all across Australia.
  • Marketing: The mass marketing and advertising efforts that a catering platform invests in help caterers gain visibility and wide market exposure.
  • Resource support: Platforms deal with everything from customer service, IT, invoicing and following up on payments so caterers can focus on what they do best.

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Streamline your corporate catering

If the idea of saving time and money seems enticing, choose a centralised catering portal for your next catered meal in the office. You’ll thank yourself for finding the smarter way to order food for the office!

If you liked this post and are interested to learn more about Order-In and our services, get in touch with our friendly corporate catering team today.

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