It’s national pizza day on 9 February

Did you know it’s national pizza day on 9 February? To celebrate this glorious day, here are some interesting facts about pizza we bet you didn’t know.

  • There are over 5 billion pizzas sold worldwide every year
  • There are 264 million pizzas eaten every year in Australia
  • Saturday night is the most popular night to eat pizza
  • Pizza is most often ordered during the weather segment when watching the news on television
  • 36% of people consider pizza to be the perfect breakfast

Since national pizza day falls on a weekday and you’re probably at work, why not order pizza catering for the office and be a true hero. We have various pizza catering options for most Australian CBD locations, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

To celebrate the best day of the year, we’ve created this fun infographic with some interesting facts about pizza and how you can celebrate the day.

national pizza day infographic

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