Happy National Burger Day!

A taste of heaven between two buns...that sounds like a burger! According to all sources, it’s unclear exactly why the 28th of May dons the title “National Burger Day”, but let’s not complain about the lack of historical clarity, and focus on what’s important: it’s an excuse to grab a burger!

The United States actually reserves May 28th exclusively for hamburgers, and boasts two other national days for cheese and veggie burgers. #GodBlessTheseUnitedStates

Origin of the hamburger

The burger is an icon of American fast food, but its origins might surprise you. From the military camps of Genghis Khan, to German steamships entering New York harbour, the humble burger has a pretty wild history.

brief history of the burger infographic

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Get the office involved!

In the days leading up to 28th May, there’s plenty of ways to get involved! We’ve got some tips to inspire and get you that greasy fix!

1) Burger naming contest

You read that right! Hold a contest to see who can come up with the craziest burger names. Better yet, you could vote on the best idea and actually cook it!

hamburger name cartoon

2) Bring a burger

Have everyone in the office bring a burger to work or take a photo of their crazy burger creation. If you wanted to go one step further, you could ask them to prepare one using ingredients from their cultural background to make for an interesting mix. Check out our tips to make the best burger.

3) Try a dessert burger

A growing foodie trend is the dessert burger, and there’s no reason why the office can’t hold an afternoon social with these on a platter. Fancy Nutella, ice cream, popping candy and mars bars between two brioche buns? Pack all of your favourites into this funtastic burger experience.

Celebrate National Burger Day at the office

As if you needed more reasons to eat burgers at work! Don’t ignore National Burger Day. Use it as a chance to try something new for your next working lunch. Order-In gives you access to your city’s best corporate caterers offering delicious burgers and sliders!

Order burgers into the office if you need a faster and more convenient way to join the celebrations. Get in touch with our foodie experts to find out more about our range of caterers, and grab some burgers for your office to celebrate National Burger Day!

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