Avoid the midday crash with these energy-boosting foods

Do you have trouble concentrating on the task at hand or feel like taking an afternoon siesta at your desk when 3pm comes around? We’ve all experienced that midday crash, and the good news is you can boost your energy levels and productivity with food. That’s right! Food can help maintain your energy throughout the day and we’ve put together 11 energy-boosting foods you can have at work. These will help get you through the day and keep you feeling wide awake and alert:

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day – it can help you stay alert
  • Munching on nuts, such as almonds, pine nuts and cashews can help improve energy levels
  • Dark chocolate can help raise focus and energy – but remember to have it in moderation
  • Green tea calms the mind without making you sleepy

Check out our infographic below for other energy-boosting foods and tips you can try to avoid the midday crash.

Avoid the midday crash with these energy-boosting foods infographic

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Alternative ways to beat the afternoon slump

Not feeling hungry? Here are some alternatives to eating that will still have you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the end of the day.

Get moving

A midday trip to the gym, a lunchtime walk or stretch can give you the big energy boost you’re looking for.

Step away from the screen

Sometimes we just need to step away from our computer screens for a few minutes to give our eyes a break. Make a cup of tea and relax your eyes for a little bit. In order to avoid eye strain, make sure your computer is kept at arm’s length.

Switch up your tasks

If you’ve been working on the same project for a few hours, it can be mentally draining. Mix up on what you’re working on for a little productive refresh!

Play some music

Did you know music can not only help keep you feeling awake, it can increase your concentration. Pop on a good focus playlist and get stuck in.

Get enough sleep

A simple but effective trick to keeping your energy levels up is making sure to get enough sleep.

Stress less

High stress levels can have a physical effect on your body, and leave you feeling fatigued, overwhelmed and moody. To combat this, try and add some mindfulness to your daily routine.

Order-In for high energy

Holding a working lunch, or need catering for a conference or training session? Incorporate these energy-boosting foods into the menu to keep everyone energized and invigorated. Or consider fresh office fruit, or keep the kitchen well stocked with all the essentials like tea, coffee, healthy snacks, nuts and other pantry supplies. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, PerthCanberra, Newcastle, Wollongong or the Gold Coast, we have the best corporate catering solution for your office.

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