Quirky food decorations for your office this festive season – Order-In style

Candy canes, baubles, snowflakes and tinsel are great and all, but why not mix it up this Christmas and decorate your office with these delicious ornaments that look good enough to eat.


Bring a smile to everyone’s face with this novelty banana ornament. You can even personalise it to make it more memorable!

christmas party decorations - banana
Photo credit: The Meticulous Whim

Gingerbread man

So cute! They can be used as Christmas tree decorations or gifts. They can also be personalised – perfect for your team.

Gingerbread house

Made entirely from polymer clay, this little gingerbread house looks so real, it's good enough to eat!

christmas party decorations - gingerbread house
Photo credit: LJ Craft Co

Cheesy delights

christmas party decorations - cheese
Photo credt: Ornaments to Remember

Any chef or cheese lover will love these cheesy Christmas ornaments. There are a variety of tasty blown glass cheese ornaments to choose from, including cheddar, swiss, bleu, brie and gouda.


Bright, sweet and oh so delicious, this set of 6 donuts come in a range of 'flavours' including dark and milk chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and coconut cream.

christmas party decorations - donuts
Photo credit: Bellkina Handmade


These macaron Christmas decorations look good enough to eat! With so many different colours to choose from, you'll want a whole box. One side is decorated with cute holly leaves.


Add a slice of fruity sweetness to your Christmas tree with this adorable watermelon decoration!

christmas party decorations - watermelon
Photo credit: Clairey Lou Creations

Let's make a toast

Add a touch of glitz and glamour to your Christmas tree with these hand stitched, sequined ornaments. There’s a range to choose from including a Bombay Gin, Larry the Lobster, Hendricks Gin, Fizz champagne bottle and an avocado.

Fortune cookie

Make your festive morning tea or lunch more memorable and fun with these easy to make paper fortune cookies. You make decide to include some pearls of wisdom for the New Year, or write some ridiculous fortunes and watch the fun begin!

christmas party decorations - fortune cookie
Photo credit: KiX

Things are better in pairs

christmas party decorations - best friends
Photo credt: The Land of Nod

Best friends stick together, like milk and cookies, bacon and eggs, hamburger and fries… you get the idea.


How cute are these hanging tacos? Did you know…while the word “taco” literally translates to “plug” or “wad” a small hole, it also translates to “light lunch” in Mexican Spanish.

christmas party decorations - tacos
Photo credit: Tastefully Mismatched


christmas party decorations - pizza catering
Photo credit: Wizzley

Did you know that pizza is the fourth most craved food behind chocolate, ice cream and cheese? The average Australian eats pizza once a month, totally over 264 million pizzas a year. So if you’re thinking of pizza for your Christmas lunch, it’s not that crazy an idea.

Sweet nothings

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a sweet treat. This cupcake looks so good you want to take a bite!

christmas party decorations - cupcakes
Photo credit: Amy Miller Designs


Need some inspiration for your corporate Christmas celebration? We make Christmas catering for the office easy. From festive morning teas to working lunches with seasonal flavours and Christmas finger food for the office, we can help with a menu that suits your needs and budget. Call us on 1300 851 900 or email our corporate catering experts for a quote. You can also check out our blog with 5 tips on how to throw an awesome Christmas lunch for the office.

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