Quick catering? BYO microwave

All hail the humble microwave, the prince of kitchens

If you think that kitchen appliances are more an interior design statement than a culinary tool and you’re currently regretting not listening to all those times your mother was trying to teach you how to cook, then the idea of catering for a party of friends probably makes you more than a tad nervous. Fear not my gastronomically challenged friends, for we have the microwave, which is all you need to create a 3 course meal according to American celebrity chef and owner of Scratch Catering Services, David Bondarchuck. And no, it’s not 3 flavours of popcorn.

"All good things start from scratch"

During a cooking segment with Colorado’s Channel 2 News, Bondarchuck prepares an entree of Caesar Salad in Parmesan Cheese-Salad Cups, a main course of Spicy Apricot-Rosemary Glazed Pork Medallions and finishes with individual chocolate cakes for dessert. It sounds and looks delicious, with a little touch of fancy to coax some praise from your guests. Check out the video below:

Not filling you with confidence? We can!

Sometimes though, time is the force working against you and nowhere is this more evident than at the office. Even with the masterful microwave at your disposal, catering for a group is time consuming and can add unwanted stress to your work day. Corporate catering is the perfect solution. A wide variety of cuisines and food styles are available and are produced locally, delivered fresh and beautifully plated. Whether it’s important client meetings, the office christmas party, a colleague’s birthday, or simply the weekly catch up with the team, save yourself the time, hassle and stress and call your friendly caterers, we promise it won’t affect your microwave skills.

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