EOFY parties and how not to get fired

Ah, the End of Financial Year. It comes with its cons (extra work and stress) and its pros (sales, parties). If you’re organising an EOFY celebration for your company, there are definitely some things to bear in mind to not only ensure a great shindig, but make you look great in front of your boss too. Ignore at your peril however, and we don’t just mean being responsible for an un-memorable office do. Who would have thought that getting the corporate catering at one event right could make or break your career?

Key point here - order plenty of food for everyone, and the right amount (and type) of alcohol. This is crucial to achieving the perfect balance between delightful (everyone full and happy), debauched (too little food) or deflated (not enough booze). Pick up the phone and have a chat to Order-In’s expert corporate catering consultants about what’s best to order for any office catering event or corporate catering in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne, particularly if you’re a bit green in this area and haven’t looked after lots of corporate events before.

Make sure the food you order isn’t messy or hard to eat while standing (or swaying). It’s definitely unsettling seeing Brian from accounts spill a big splodge of mayo down his trouser front.

And well, if you do happen to find yourself at the point where you could have eaten a bit more, or drunk a bit less, do your best to avoid key people such as your boss, boss’s husband or wife, CEOs... you get the drift. You’ll thank yourself later.

A few other tips - although it may seem like it is, when everyone’s having a laugh, corporate stiffness has loosened, inhibitions have fallen away and you’re full of Dutch courage – now is NOT the time to ask for a payrise.

No inappropriate flirting or handsy attempts with your very engaged co-worker you’ve had a low-key crush on for a while.

Don’t vomit, cry, cheat, fight or steal. At least don’t be seen doing it.

Don’t get through the party unscathed and then let the alcohol hit you in the Uber home, leading to the decision to jump onto social media to tweet or Facebook about how bad the party was, how boring your colleagues are and what a jerk your boss is, but hey, at least the catering was good!

If all else fails and you WERE “that guy” (or girl)… yes, you do have to turn up to work the next day. (If you don’t, it will draw more attention to your antics and people will be able to discuss you at length behind your back). Just make sure you’re sober when you do.

And hey, maybe using your newly refined office catering skills to deliver a round of Nurofen, Barocca and V for your hungover colleagues might make up for any major clangers on your behalf. Apologies go a long way, but painkillers go further. You can also check out our blog on the 8 best hangover foods to eat the next day.

Need help organising your end of financial year party? Speak to our corporate event experts today on 1300 851 900 and let us take care of everything for you.

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