A guide to corporate birthday catering

Happy birthday to you...

Celebrating team member birthdays can be an excellent way to promote a great, inclusive company culture. It's a small gesture to show that you value the individuals in your workplace, it strengthens the team bond, and of course provides an awesome reason to satiate your cake addiction!

Hassle free, easy cake ordering and delivery

Speaking of cake, it's never been easier to have a delicious corporate cake or cupcakes delivered to the office for those special days. Forget finding the nearest bakery or running down to the local supermarket. In fact, you don't even have to leave your seat! Order-In's corporate catering solution provides an endless menu of beautiful and mouthwatering cakes and cupcakes, which can easily be catered for, including special dietary requirements and any number of people. It's fast, reliable, easy to order online, and is delivered straight to the office, on time, every time.

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Remember the basics of birthday catering

We'll get back to cake talk soon (I promise), but before we do, it's important to consider a few details in order to avoid awkward or unwanted situations in the workplace. Let's start with the basics; get the info. Perhaps during a new employee form or introductory questionnaire, ask the staff member if:

a) they're happy to celebrate their birthday and
b) if so, what's the date?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people don't necessarily want to celebrate their birthday, or in the cases of some religious groups like Jehovah's Witnesses for example, it's actually against their beliefs to celebrate birthdays.

Tolerating intolerances - allergies and special diets 

Furthermore, it's best to throw in a question about dietary requirements. There's nothing worse than ordering a cake for someone, only to find out that the recipient can't eat it. At Order-In for example, roughly 50% of our weekly orders cater for special dietary needs. Whether it's nuts, gluten, dairy, vegan, or anything in-between, we have plenty of options when catering for special dietary requirements.

Making sure everyone gets their cake and eats it too

If you're worried about the type of cake or how much you'll need to cover the team, fear not, we've got you covered. All the options available are displayed with a photograph and the information on how many the cake will serve, so nobody goes hungry. To make sure everyone's in the birthday spirit, Order-In also provide a range of complimentary items, such as candles, balloons, or party poppers. Simply check the boxes during your order, or inform one of our friendly staff members if you're ordering over the phone.

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Tiny but mighty - cupcake delivery options

While a cake is the traditional treat of choice for birthdays, there's also a range of delectable cupcake options that provide a beautifully simple and scrumptious twist on the classic. You also avoid the cutting and plating, so it's a breeze to serve and tidy up afterwards. Remember, if you're ordering cupcakes to include a little buffer in the numbers, just in case you missed someone!

Running smoothly

Ok, so you've got your date, you know the team member is cool with celebrating and you've selected the perfect cake, so what's next? Glad you asked! Here are 6 helpful tips to make sure those special days run smoothly.

  1. Be consistent. Workplace celebrations are about inclusion and adding value for and to your team, so getting one person a card and another a week in Hawaii does not a happy team make. Let's stick with delicious, all-inclusive cakes and cupcakes, people.
  2. Avoid age jokes. HR Simple's “Birthdays in the Workplace” notes that age and the language you use can be a sensitive topic, and some gags can come off as disrespectful. So if you're planning on roasting the “oldie” or the “baby” of the team, consider their feelings first, especially if it's the boss!
  3. Grab a card and have the team sign it — it's a great team building practice.
  4. If you prefer to have a lunch, brunch or after work drinks along with or in place of a cake, you can make multiple bookings for the same day easily and reliably with Order-In. Have your cakes delivered in the morning, with a beautiful working lunch arriving later that day. Easy!
  5. Why not think outside the box a little, with a celebration that's both personal to the individual but connected to the business? A "work birthday" is like a normal birthday, except that it's celebrated on the day that you started at that company. This way, you can generally avoid any personal or religious reservations associated with birthdays.
  6. If you're going to buy a gift as a team, keep it optional and discreet.

Here are more birthday celebration ideas for the office for further inspiration!

Ready to take your office cake delivery order

Craving that cake? Excellent, because now that you're all clued up on the do's and don'ts of office birthdays, it's time to peruse Order-In's spectacular range of cakes, cupcakes or other corporate catering solutions. Call us on 1300 851 900 to order now.

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