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Easy corporate Christmas lunch party ideas

With the sound of Christmas carols just around the corner, there's no time like the present to get organised. You may already be on the lookout for great staff Christmas party ideas.

There is an abundance of Christmas party options to choose from. But why not utilise your own corporate space and create a fabulous party with our drop-off Christmas party catering service? From posh and premium to casual and every day — we have corporate caterers and menus for any type of office event in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Drop-off simplicity

A drop-off party simply means delectable gourmet finger food arrives on platters, heated and ready-to-eat. No chefs or kitchen is needed. And, wait staff are optional as the food can be placed on tables for staff to nibble at their leisure.

Here are some useful tips we've pulled together from our most frequently asked questions to help make your office Christmas event planning a breeze:

How long should a Christmas party be?
Follow these guidelines when planning the duration of your Christmas party.

  • Lunch time function — 2 to 3 hours
  • Evening function — 3 to 4 hours

How much food will I need?
Simple. You can check out our quantity guidelines for more details, but we recommend.

  • 1-hour function — 6 pieces per person
  • 2-hour function — 9 pieces per person
  • 3-hour function — 12 pieces per person
  • 4-hour function — 16 pieces per person

Hot versus cold food
A combination of both is best. Serve the hot finger food first, followed by the cold.

Worried about food running out?
This needn't ever ever worry you again. Order a selection of tasty cheese and fruit platters to serve after the hot and cold finger food has been eaten, about an hour before your event wraps up. It's also a sensible choice when considering the responsible service of alcohol.

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How much alcohol should I order?

Here are a few handy alcohol quantity guidelines for your Christmas party.

  • The first hour — allow three drinks per person, two serves of wine or beer and one soft drink
  • Each subsequent hour — allow two drinks per person. So that means to allow five drinks per person for a two-hour event

Remember, these are guidelines only and always have plenty of mineral water available.

What mix of alcohol should I order?
Normally, a 50/50 split of beer to wine should suffice. But, if you know you'll have a greater number of males present, try a 70/30 beer to wine split instead.

Now that the warm weather is upon us, white and sparkling wine tends to be more popular than heavy reds.

Always remember to serve plenty of non-alcoholic beverages as well. The most popular choices are orange juice, sparkling mineral water and a mix of soft drinks — Coke, Coke Zero and Sprite always go well.

Helpful tip: There are 24 drinks in a case of beer and six glasses of wine in a bottle.

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Special dietary needs

A very real consideration. You'll likely have several guests attending who have a special dietary need. Ensure they don't go hungry by including an allocation of gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian platters with your catering order. In the most severe cases, you may consider asking a guest to supply their own food. This guest will be more than understanding of your honesty and care for their safety.

With so many available choices, creating the perfect party idea can be easy. Our drop-off staff Christmas party catering is a clever way to hold a memorable function, without the costs of a fully catered event. Or, if you fancy something else, we've got a host of other options to suit any style and budget.

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