Corporate Cakes and Cupcakes - Delicious Corporate Cake & Cupcakes Delivery To Your Office

When an occasion calls for a celebration, trust Order-In's corporate cupcake and cake delivery service for the most delectable sweet treats for your office.

A cake in the office is something that everyone loves, and a co-worker’s birthday is a great time to have one. There’s nothing like all gathering around to sing Happy Birthday to a colleague before sharing some cake together.

We have a huge range of cakes and cupcakes to choose from, including rich layered cakes, flourless cakes, cheesecakes, sinful caramel cakes, chocolatey and creamy cakes (is your mouth watering yet?), fruity and iced cakes, pastry and cookie-based cakes and many, many more. We’re sure we can tempt your taste buds. Want more sweet treats with your cakes? We have a full Breakfast and Morning & Afternoon Tea catering menus available.

Choosing the perfect cake is easy – Each delicious cake will be accompanied by a photograph and information on how many people the cake will serve. There are even delicious gluten free options for those with food intolerances and dietary requirements.

We deliver cakes throughout all major suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. In Sydney, our corporate cakes even come with complementary items such as balloons, party poppers or candles to really get the celebrations going – be sure to select the check boxes to order them when you place your order online, or simply inform our friendly staff members if ordering over the phone. See our full list of cake delivery locations in Australia »

Cupcake catering solutions

Don't want to hassle of having to slice and plate up a cake for someone's birthday? Then cupcakes are a great option, and always a hit in the office. Our cupcake caterers have been chosen by us, and tested to ensure that they meet our strict quality requirements for taste, freshness and reliability. You'll only receive the most delicious, freshly-baked fluffy cupcakes, every time you order. That's our promise.

Add delicious catering to your cake order

For those big milestones birthdays (such as 30ths, 40ths and 50ths), and other big celebrations like engagements, new baby announcements, and collective company achievements, why not turn a simple afternoon tea into a bigger celebration by taking a few hours to have lunch together as a company? Order your cake and your food at the same time with Order-In's simple ordering system. Check out our other Corporate Catering solutions.

Ready to order your corporate cake or cupcake delivery? Order using the form on the right of this page, or call us on 1300 851 900 to order over the phone.

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