Our All-In-One Service Saves Your Business Time & Money

Real saving and efficiencies for your business

We consolidate corporate catering, kitchen supplies and event management into one master vendor. It isn’t just money you save with Order-In, it’s time too. As a national business, we can service all of your offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. No need for different corporate caterers in each state - imagine the savings and efficiencies.

Benefit from our:

  • Service level guarantees
  • Simplified invoicing
  • Tools to track and manage spending

Our system makes it easier than ever for your staff to place their order quickly and move on to their next task. And, with our tracking tools you can stay informed on who is spending in your office and manage what is being purchased.


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Saving Your Company Time and Money:

1. Service Level Guarantees

Order-In is designed for businesses. We are corporate catering experts and this means you can relax and know that your order will arrive on time looking and tasting great – this is guaranteed.

2. Simplified invoicing

A single, easy to read consolidated invoice will reduce your processing costs. We can capture all vital billing information from each and every order so no detail goes astray.  Your accounts department will love you! 

3. Keep a rein on spending

Our clever tools track spending, allowing you to manage who is ordering what in your organisation. The system supports a purchasing approval process, allowing managers to approve orders before they are placed.  No more surprises. Plus, regular and detailed reports give visibility over how much is being spent.

4. Easy online ordering

Our online systems are the best in the business and are customisable to your business needs. Ordering online is quick and easy.  Plus, we can tailor and limit the caterers your staff can order from as well as collect all vital invoicing information to make consolidation simple for your accounts team.

5. Your national single source supplier

Order-In consolidates corporate catering, kitchen supplies and events into one master vendor, nationally across Australia. One hub to manage all your catering needs for all your offices nationally. What could be easier?

6. Best pricing

You benefit from Order-In's established volume discounts with our suppliers as well as negotiated Order-In volume discount.


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